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Early Stimulation

0 to 2 Months

  • General Stimulation
  • Maintain eye to eye contact
  • Help the baby turn his head to sound & light

  • Auditory
  • Talk & sing to the baby while bathing, dressing, feeding
  • Provide different sounds like rattle, bell
  • Humming in soft voice

  • Visual
  • Keep the baby in well lighted room
  • Shine mobile, color balls & hang bright clothes

  • Tactile
  • Put the baby on different surfaces like soft clothes, mattresses, rubber mat, mother's lap etc.

  • Kinesthetic
  • Support the head &gently rock the child avoiding sudden jerky movements

2 to 4 Months

  • General Stimulation
  • Hold the baby at the shoulder
  • Place things just out of reach of the baby. Stimulate him to reach out & grasp the object

  • Auditory
  • Give sound producing toys
  • Talk to the child more frequently
  • Point out the names of objects shown to the child

  • Visual
  • Hang bright objects about 30 cm above the crib - Maintain eye contact while talking to the child

  • Tactile
  • Give the child paper to crumble & things to bite & suck
  • Place the child on a rubber mat on the ground allowing him to move freely

4 to 6 Months

  • General Stimulation
  • Sit the baby in the mother's lap & ask her to gently bounce her knees singing songs
  • Place the child flat on the back on the ground over a soft surface. Show him a colorful toy.
  • Slowly turn him by flexing the far away leg. Assist him to turn over the tummy.
  • Show an attractive toy & encourage the child to reach out
  • Put your hands under the child's feet & move his legs up & down like pedaling a cycle

  • Auditory
  • Shake a bell or a squeaky toy over the head of the baby. Encourage him to turn his head & locate the sound

6 to 8 Months

  • Call the child by his name
  • Make the child sit as long as possible, giving support to the pelvis
  • Give him pieces of paper to tear
  • Encourage him to roll over his tummy by showing him colorful toys on one side

8 to 10 Months

  • Make the child stand by holding on to the furniture
  • Encourage the child to clap his hands
  • Give him small container & ask to drop small things into it
  • Encourage him to produce monosyllables
  • Show him picture books & assist to turn pages

10 to 12 Months

  • Let the child play with other children
  • Name the body parts while bathing him
  • Take the child on a walk & show him different animals & birds
  • Do simple actions like clapping ,bye-bye & copying these actions.
  • Encourage him to pull to stand by holding on to furniture
  • Make the child sit in front of a mirror so that he can see himself

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12 to 15 Months

  • Give picture books to the child.talk about what you see & let him turn the pages
  • Ask him to put cubes one over the other
  • Ask him to put things into the contair & then take out things out of the containter
  • Hide a small toy under a cloth.encourage the baby to find the hidden toy
  • Ask the child to scribble by drawing a few lines

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